melt amplicons
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Concentration of monovalent cations: Concentration of dNTPs:  
Concentration of divalent cations: Formamide Concentration:  
DMSO Concentration: DMSO Factor:
Table of thermodyn. parameters: Salt correction formula:
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If an experimentally measured melting temerature is provided below, Amplicon3Plus will calculate the suitable artificial monovalent salt concentration to obtain this melting temperature. This may be used to estimate suitable parameters for unknown reaction mixes. Be aware that the compensation of divalent salt concentration and DNTPs is done by correcting the monovalent salt concentration and Amplicon3Plus returns a value for monovalent salt concentration including the divalent ions and DNTPs. The DMSO concentration shifts the resulting temperatures by a concentration dependent delta temperature. DMSO and Formamide concentration are not included in this estimation. Consider this feature experimental.

Measured Melting Temperature: