Run Primer3Plus

This is the latest version of Primer3Plus with all the new features.

Run Primer3Web

The latest version of Primer3Web.

Other Web Resources

Primer3Web at the University of Tartu

The latest version of Primer3Web running at the University of Tartu.

Download Primer3

Get your own copy of Primer3, the command line program.

Primer3 Development

On this place the efforts of developing Primer3, Primer3Plus and Primer3Web are
coordinated. Please go there for bug reports, feature requests and support.

The Wiley DNA Editor

A DNA Editor to master DNA sequences, plasmids and restriction enzyme digests in your browser.

Molbi - Molecular Biology Webpage

This page is focused on everything a molecular biologist may need in the lab for his
work. The best are the basic molecular biology protocols which are well explained, so
even beginners will not fail.